Natural Capital Advisory is recruiting.

Further to our post earlier this year we are sharing below a link relating to the recruitment for the role of Commercial Officer at (NCA).

As we approach the end of our second year of trading NCA continues to grow at some pace, fuelled in part, by the rapid expansion of the  which is a convened group of like minded farmers and landowners that have agreed to trade their natural capital services as a cooperative. This group is providing a cohesive and consistent supply line of BNG, Nutrient Neutrality and clean water projects for which the demand from developers and, more recently, investors has significantly accelerated in the past quarter.

For this reason we now need a further commercially minded surveyor resource to sit alongside myself and work within a dynamic team which currently covers surveying, operations, information and data systems and field ecology.

If you are are interested in being part of this small but well backed business in this exciting new Natural Capital sector then do please get in touch via TPL.

George Murray Willis – Director – TPL Talent Solutions | LinkedIn • 1 min read

A specialist talent acquisition consultant with over 17 years’ experience in the Real Estate and Construction industry. Following 5 years in commercial property, both in agency and portfolio manage